Don't Add Financial Stress to Your Situation

Don't Add Financial Stress to Your Situation

Trust Snug Roofing Solutions to handle your storm damage repair claim in Charlotte, NC

Trying to get your insurance company to cover the costs for storm damage repairs can feel like adding insult to injury. Snug Roofing Solutions Inc. files storm damage repair claims in Charlotte, North Carolina. We'll work with your insurance provider directly to spare you unneeded stress.

Once your claim has been processed, we'll repair or replace your roof, depending on the amount of damage. We can also fix your siding and gutters. Call 704-904-2690 now to make an appointment for storm damage repair.

We know what insurance companies look for

Snug Roofing Solutions has processed roof repair claims for many Charlotte, NC homeowners. You can trust us to fill out your claim correctly so you won't have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses. When you hire us to process your claim, we'll:

  • Send a contractor out to assess the situation
  • Meet with your insurance adjuster to discuss your claim
  • Fill out your claim and send it to your provider
  • Keep you updated throughout the process

Rest easy knowing we'll restore your home. Contact us today to start filling out your roof repair damage claim.